Every game has rules, and
is not any different.
Rules to our Land Hunts
Rules to our Internet Hunts

Please read our rules carefully and comply with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Any deviation from these rules or not complying with our terms and conditions will result in disqualification.

Rule 1
All information submitted through the registration process has to be valid. All emails will be validated immediately, but personal data will be used only if the registrant is the winner. If there is any invalid data, or data cannot be verified, it may be subject to disqualification. In other words, DO NOT intentionally submit incorrect information.
DO NOT TRESPASS! We guarantee that our hunts will NOT require illegal trespassing. If you decide to trespass to conduct research for any hunt, you are doing it at your own risk. Historical Hunts WILL NOT be responsible for any ramifications resulting from illegal trespassing.
DO NOT DAMAGE THE SURROUNDINGS! Some of the places where these hunts will bring you have not been touched for hundreds of years. Therefore, none of our hunts will require digging, excavating, cutting, sawing, jackhammering, explosives, or anything else that will cause any disruption or damage to the area. Also, the areas are protected by local, state, or federal municipalities and government agencies. Any damages can result in an arrest (and it will really irritate us).
If two or more players arrive at the same location at the same time, it will be up to them to decide civilly who is the rightful owner of the prize. Any disputes may result in disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.
If any hunt requires a visit to a library, historical society, town hall, etc. please do so during normal business hours. Though this is an obvious rule, we need to make sure it is understood by all registrants.
Once a milling is found, the winner has 48 hours to send a photo of the milling to thehunt@historicalhunt.com. THE EMAIL HAS TO BE SENT FROM THE SAME EMAIL THAT IS CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO THE WINNER. Once verified, the prize will be sent to the address registered to that email. WE WILL NOT SEND ANY PRIZE TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS.

Rule 1
Please follow all grammar rules and formats when answering questions. Any deviation from these rules and formats will result in an incorrect answer (even if it is correct). These can be found HERE.
Rule 2
DO NOT send links when submitting an answer consideration. Any submissions containing links will be automatically deleted and not be considered.
Rule 3
Questions can only be answered correctly once, and by ONLY ONE player. Once a question has been answered correctly it will be closed and will NOT be reopened.
Rule 4
DO NOT request hints for any questions that may seem impossible to answer. We may provide hints at our discretion if necessary.
Rule 5
ONLY ONE WINNER per registered household.

Please comply with these rules as it will ensure future hunts.

If you have any questions about these rules, or our Terms and Conditions, please contact us.
(These rules may be changed and/or updated periodically, so please check back often especially before taking part in our hunts)

Thank you,
Historical Hunt

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